Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Decorating: Coca-Cola Style

My daughter has decided she wants a Coca-Cola themed bedroom so in looking for ideas for something that will last until she's a teenager, I brainstormed some really cute ideas. Luckily for me, her walls are already painted white but everything else will need to go as her room at the moment is a blue and white cottage-style room.

For starters, I plan on removing her set of shelves and either repainting them or starting over from scratch. For her existing shelves, I used two pieces of 1" x 8' pine and base painted them a gloss white. Then I used two pieces of clean sponge and sponge painted two coordinating shades of blue in a random pattern.

For the new look, I'll use two coordinating shades of red, probably a cherry red and a darker version of the same, using the same technique I used with the blues. This is simple to do and very cost effective, more so than purchasing pre-made shelves. I have also thought about splatter painting the shelves rather than sponging so I may use a test board to see which looks better.

I'm currently looking for a red and white comforter set with matching sheets and pillow cases. Depending on the type of pattern on the comforter I choose, I'll make matching valances from either a sheet or purchased gingham check or striped material.

I also did this for my husband's red, white and black bathroom and it turned out really cute. I used a bigger checked black and white material for the bottom for the valance and used a red and white mini check for a top.

I don't use a pattern for my valances, I simply hem the sides of the material after cutting it to the width of the window plus the width again (to allow for a gathered ruffle at the top). Folding the material in half length wise, right sides together, I sew a seam along the entire top width of the material making a large tube. Then I turn the material right side out, measure down an inch and sew a seam, then I measure down again another inch and sew another seam to make a pocket for the rod with an inch at the top that will ruffle when gathered.

The window sills are currently brown oak stained wood and I'm debating whether to paint these a cherry red, white or to simply leave them be.

For wall decorations, there are lots of Coca-Cola prints available at Hobby Lobby. These will probably be the biggest investment in the entire room. I plan on purchasing one or two of these and having them framed either in oak (to match the dresser and bed) or a red or white lacquer.

If I can gather some inexpensive frames, I can easily paint these myself using spray paint. Ebay also has a ton of Coca Cola items for sale and I'll be checking there for various knick-knacks to decorate her room.

For her hamper, we currently are using an oversize wicker basket. This will be either painted white and sponged with red or simply spray painted red. Spray paint works wonderfully on basket items I've found, giving them a fresh new look at very little cost and for children, large open baskets work better than a regular clothes hamper for keeping clothing clutter off the floor.

We currently have wood floors with a flowered area rug in the bedroom so another investment will be in a floor covering. If I can't find a suitable area rug, I may use a floor canvas and sponge/splatter paint it red and white. I've seen this done in magazines and it looks really neat although personally I've never used this technique. I could also paint the wood floor white but I am hesitant to do this as it may not be a wise decision for future uses of the room.

I think this room theme will be a lot of fun to do and won't cost a bundle either if I do most of the handiwork myself, side by side with my daughter.

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