Sunday, June 29, 2008

Decorating: Sheer Tent

This tent requires little effort, if you are using one of the sheers which already has a pre-finished weighted hem. Attach two loops of ribbon or string to hang the tent from the ceiling over a bed creating a romantic mosquito net.


  • 15 yards extra-wide, euro-hemmed sheer fabric
  • thread to match
  • 3 yards ribbon to match
  • 15 yards single shirring/gathering tape
  • plastic embroidery hoop

Get Going:

  • Side hems and closure: Finish the side edges of your sheer fabric in a double 3/4" hem. Cut the ribbon into six 18" pieces. Attach the ribbon to corresponding side hems, beginning approximately 20" from the bottom hem and spacing the ribbon approximately 20" apart.

  • The top hem: Apply the shirring tape to the wrong side of the top edge of the sheer (the unfinished selvedge), by stitching along the top and bottom edge of the tape. Pull the cord within the tape to gather the sheer. Place the top of the sheer in the embroidery hoop, with the wrong side facing out, adjust gathers and tighten the hoop to secure.

  • Flip the sheer fabric so that the right side cascades over the embroidery hoop, hiding the hoop from view. Attach the hoop over the top of your patio umbrella.

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